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Lu-mini Benchtop Luminometer
Lu-mini Benchtop Luminometer
Description/ Specification of Lu-mini Benchtop Luminometer

Vitl Life Science Solutions introduce the Lu-mini – the next generation of low-cost OEM benchtop luminometer. A robust, single-tube, benchtop luminometer optimised for the measurement of biological and chemical luminescence reactions. • Accepts 10 -15mm round tubes/vials & 10mm square cuvettes • Fast reading time with optional integration phase • Versatile protocol selection including single/dual point, peak detect and kinetic data collection • Storage capacity for up to • 1000 test results • USB connectivity for sample/results data transfer and configuration via included PC App • Intuitive touchscreen user interface Coming soon… 

Model No.:
Brand Name :
Vitl Life Science Solutions
Used in :
Education & Training, Medical Industry, Scientific Research,
Place of Origin :
United Kingdom
Product Standard :
ISO, Others,
Min Quantity :

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