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NASA Technologies Significantly Reduce Aircraft Noise
Date: 25 June, 2018

A series of NASA flight tests has successfully demonstrated technologies that achieve a significant reduction in the noise generated by aircraft and heard by communities near airports. Read More.

Stanford AI recreates chemistry’s periodic table of elements
Date: 25 June, 2018

In a first step toward generating an artificial intelligence program that can find new laws of nature, a Stanford team created a program that reproduced a complex human discovery – the periodic table. Read More.

Artificial intelligence senses people through walls
Date: 12 June, 2018

Wireless smart-home system from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory could monitor diseases and help the elderly “age in place.” Read More.

New system recovers fresh water from power plants
Date: 8 June, 2018

Technology captures water evaporating from cooling towers; prototype to be installed on MIT’s Central Utility Plant. Read More.

‘Deforestation-free’ palm oil not as simple as it sounds
Date: 25 May, 2018

Genuinely ‘deforestation-free’ palm oil products are problematic to guarantee, according to a new study. Read More.

New link found between alcohol, genes and heart failure
Date: 24 May, 2018

Scientists have revealed a new link between alcohol, heart health and our genes. Read More.

Ingestible “bacteria on a chip” could help diagnose disease
Date: 24 May, 2018

Ultra-low-power sensors carrying genetically engineered bacteria can detect gastric bleeding. Read More.

Researchers develop virtual-reality testing ground for drones
Date: 17 May, 2018

With new system, drones navigate through an empty room, avoiding crashes while “seeing” a virtual world. Read More.

NASA Completes Survey Flights to Map Arctic Ice
Date: 11 May, 2018

Operation IceBridge, NASA’s longest-running airborne mission to monitor polar ice change, concluded this year’s springtime survey of Arctic sea and land ice. Read More.

Fleet of spacecraft spot long-sought-after process in the Earth’s magnetic field
Date: 9 May, 2018

A NASA mission has discovered an important process explaining the fate of energy contained in the turbulent magnetic fields surrounding the Earth. Read More.

Searching for materials that collect and store energy
Date: 8 May, 2018

A lifelong fascination with chemistry has led to research on exotic new materials with environmental advantages. Read More.

‘Cholesterol vaccine’: Twice-yearly jab could help to halve ‘bad’ cholesterol
Date: 8 May, 2018

A new treatment delivered as a regular injection could help patients with high cholesterol levels to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease. Read More.

Construction Begins on One of the World’s Most Sensitive Dark Matter Experiments
Date: 7 May, 2018

The SuperCDMS SNOLAB project, a multi-institutional effort led by SLAC, is expanding the hunt for dark matter to particles with properties not accessible to any other experiment. Read More.

Protecting confidentiality in genomic studies
Date: 7 May, 2018

Cryptographic system could enable “crowdsourced” genomics, with volunteers contributing information to privacy-protected databases. Read More.

Deep learning comes full circle
Date: 4 May, 2018

Artificial intelligence drew much inspiration from the human brain but went off in its own direction. Now, AI has come full circle and is helping neuroscientists better understand how our own brains work. Read More.

Design more effective drugs with fewer dangerous side effects.
Date: 2 May, 2018

By combining computer simulations with laboratory experiments, an international research team revealed something new about a molecular pathway that enables roughly half of all medications to achieve their desired effects – but is also responsible for many side effects. Read More.

Cognitive scientists define critical period for learning language
Date: 1 May, 2018

Study shows children remain adept learners until the age of 17 or 18. Read More.

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