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From spin to light: two Delft scientists separately bring together two worlds
Date: 28 January, 2018

Two groups of scientists from TU Delft in the field of quantum nanotechnology have, independently of one another, found a way to convert spin information to light. Read More.

Cooling glove developed by Stanford researchers helps athletes and patients
Date: 7 January, 2018

What unites the needs of Ebola workers, people with multiple sclerosis and athletes comes down to one thing – cold hands. A device that cools the hands is finding widespread use from the playing field to the clinic. Read More.

Engineers create plants that glow
Date: 18 December, 2017

Illumination from nanobionic plants might one day replace some electrical lighting. Read more.

Vintage film provides Stanford scientists new insights about Antarctica
Date: 18 December, 2017

Applying modern film scanning technology and machine learning to a rare trove of historical airborne radar measurements could provide new insights about how Antarctica’s ice sheets will change in a warming world. Read more.

Study identifies hundreds of genetic ‘switches’ that affect height
Date: 18 December, 2017

Researchers whittled their way to answers. The network of factors behind height is becoming clearer, thanks to the work of Harvard scientists. Read more.

Discerning bird
Date: 18 December, 2017

Researchers’ African grey parrot puts (young) humans to shame in volume-focused tests. Read more.

Single-stranded DNA and RNA origami go live
Date: 18 December, 2017

New approach has potential to create tiny nanofactories for production of pharmaceuticals. Read more.

Ancient faeces reveal parasites described in earliest Greek medical texts
Date: 18 December, 2017

Earliest archaeological evidence of intestinal parasitic worms infecting the ancient inhabitants of Greece confirms descriptions found in writings associated with Hippocrates, the early physician and ‘father of Western medicine’.  Read more.

Ocean acidification poses looming threat to corals
Date: 18 December, 2017

Precise measurement of boron isotopes in skeleton reveals impact. Read more.

Hybrid genes related to pediatric leukemia with poor prognosis discovered
Date: 18 December, 2017

Researchers identify fusion genes in pediatric T-cell lymphoblastic leukemia. Read more.

Computer systems predict objects’ responses to physical forces
Date: 18 December, 2017

Results may help explain how humans do the same thing. Read more.

Unlocking marine mysteries with artificial intelligence
Date: 18 December, 2017

Students put their AI software for underwater vehicles to the test on the Charles River. Read More.

Physical contact may be good for your health, according to new research
Date: 18 December, 2017

Scientists have found a direct link between physical contact and gut bacteria in red-bellied lemurs. Likely passed through ‘huddling’ behaviour and touch, the findings suggest implications for human health. Read more.

Could ancient bones suggest Santa was real?
Date: 18 December, 2017

Was St Nicholas, the fourth century saint who inspired the iconography of Santa Claus, a legend, or was he a real person? Read more.

Toxic agents behind Parkinson's disease seen at work for the first time
Date: 18 December, 2017

Researchers get their first look at how the toxic protein clusters associated with Parkinson's disease disrupt the membranes of healthy brain cells. Read more.

Could you power a smartphone just by walking?
Date: 18 December, 2017

A team of London school pupils has won top prize at an Imperial competition for inventing electricity-generating insoles. Read more.

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