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  • What is the purpose of is an online platform designed and developed with the purpose of initiating trade between manufacturers, suppliers and buyers of laboratory equipment from across the world.

  • What type of laboratory equipment can be promoted or sourced on LABePEDIA?

    Laboratory equipment and scientific instruments for education, industries and research can be promoted and sourced on LABePEDIA™. These laboratory equipment may be used in schools, colleges, universities, industries, hospitals, medical labs, scientific research centres. Basically anything for any laboratory anywhere in the world can be promoted and sourced on LABePEDIA™.

  • Who can join LABePEDIA?

    You are welcome to join LABePEDIA™ if you are a manufacturer / exporter / importer / distributor / supplier / buyer / user of of laboratory equipment, scientific instruments, educational equipment, medical equipment, and industrial testing and measuring equipment.

  • Is LABePEDIA a global website?

    Yes. is a global website. You can be present in any country to use the services of LABePEDIA™ on  this website.

  • Is LABePEDIA free to join?

    LABePEDIA™ is FREE to join. Some features of this website are free for all for ever, some features may be free for a limited time frame, and some features may not be free. You can buy paid membership to use the full functionality of this website.

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