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Hollow Cathode Lamp
Hollow Cathode Lamp
Description/ Specification of Hollow Cathode Lamp

Element lamp KY- Ⅰ、KY- Ⅱ Light-up voltage: < 360V Stability: Cu light preheat 20min drifting ≤ 0.003A/30min Noise: Cu light ≤ 0.002A Service life: 3000mA/h~5000mA/h Element lamp KY- Ⅲ Light-up voltage: < 360V Stability: Cu light preheat 10min drifting ≤ 0.002A/30min Noise: Cu light ≤ 0.001A Service life: 3500mA/h~6000mA/h Concentricity: when the light rotates 360° , the energy shift will be ≤ 15 Element lamp KY- Ⅳ When the wave length or emission intensity at the edge of instrument is low, use this light. The emission intensity of high-performance light is 3 times higher than that of common hollow cathode lamp. For example, if the negative high voltage of instrument is 400V with As high-performance light, the voltage has been up to 500V with common light. If the instrument is not equipped with high-performance power supply, power supply of the Company can be used.

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Education & Training, Engineering Industry, Medical Industry, Scientific Research,
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