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Sound Level Meter
Sound Level Meter
Description/ Specification of Sound Level Meter

-Sound recording onto exchangeable SD card. -Level vs. Time with multispectrum function from 25 ms resolution. -Parallel detection of SPL, Leq, Lmin, Lmax, LE, Lpeak and 8 statistical values. -Measurement of A-weighted levels simultaneously with either C- or Z-weighted levels. -Parallel F, S or I time constants. -Frequency analysis with 1/1-octave or 1/3-octave bands in the 0.4 Hz – 20 kHz range 8000 line FFT analysis with 1.46Hz line resolution. -120 dB dynamic range giving a “one-range” instrument covering all levels from microphone noise floor at 15 dBA to maximum SPL at 137 dBA (140dB peak). -Pause/Continue function with 10 sec back erase function. -Manual or automatic storage of results with automatic measurement repeat and clock synchronization. -Full support for all relevant Building acoustics standards such as ISO 10052, ISO 12283, ISO 140, ISO 717, ASTM E336 and E1007 with on screen sound insulation indexes. -Built in Noise generator. -Reverberation time calculations. -Support SweptSine measurement when controlled from Nor850 or CtrlBuild . -Advanced Trigger functions -.Complies to all relevant IEC and ANSI Class 1 specifications. -USB 2.0 and RS232 high speed digital interface. -Wireless communication using Nor520 Bluetooth transceiver. -High resolution backlit display. -ICP power for direct connection of vibration sensors. -RPM input. -Built-in random incidence correction and wind screen correction. -Calculates NC, NR and RC. -Support for English, French and German menus. “-User-defined” table to display only measurement functions that each individual user prefers. -Seamless integrated with Nor850 multichannel system.

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