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DMA™ 35 Portable Density Meter
DMA™ 35 Portable Density Meter
Description/ Specification of DMA™ 35 Portable Density Meter

On-site density and concentration measurements in just a few seconds! The portable density meter uses only two milliliters of sample. In addition, it saves you a lot of time as there is no need to transport the sample to the lab. DMA™ 35 is built to withstand the knocks and spills of outdoor use. If the measuring cell nevertheless suffers from cell rupture, you benefit from the unique patented connection of the measuring cell, which allows replacement. An RFID interface for quick sample identification and a Bluetooth interface for convenient data handling in the field are integral parts of the instrument. To top it all off, DMA™ 35 can also be used as a mini benchtop instrument: Turn it upside down, put it on a table, and fill the sample with a syringe.

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Anton Paar
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Education & Training, Engineering Industry,
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