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  • If you are looking for new international buyers for your educational lab equipment then LABePEDIA™ is the right medium to promote you products

  • Your latest scientific equipment for research deserve the best international advertising medium. LABePEDIA™ is the right platform to advertise. Ask how?

  • If you are a manufacturer of Industrial Laboratory Equipment then LABePEDIA™ is the place to advertise and sell your products globally.

LABePEDIA™ brings out exhibition special magazines which are circulated and distributed in various international trade shows & exhibitions related to laboratory equipment. These trade shows & exhibitions related to laboratory equipment are visited by thousands of people from various countries around the world. Thousands of copies of the LABePEDIA™ magazine are distributed in these exhibitions. Thus any advertisement placed in our LABePEDIA™ magazine gets thousands of eye balls from the buyers of laboratory equipment.

These LABePEDIA™ magazines are highly popular and greatly sought after both by the advertisers (manufacturers & suppliers of lab equipment) and the readers (buyers of lab equipment). The stimulating content and the latest information from the laboratory equipment industry coupled with advertisements from the manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory equipment, make this magazine a collector's item.

LABePEDIA™ magazine is an ideal platform to advertise for the manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory equipment. You can advertise in LABePEDIA™ magazine if: 

  • You are a manufacturer or supplier of laboratory equipment for education, research, & industries (medical / engineering)
  • You want to show your presence in an international exhibition but do not have the big budget or time to participate in that exhibition.
  • You want to get maximum benefit from an international exhibition even after the exhibition is over. Remember that LABePEDIA™ is a collector's magazine. People keep it for a long time.
  • You are looking for an ideal and trade specific media to advertise your laboratory products.
  • You want maximum return for your advertisement.

LABePEDIA™ magazine is printed in fine quality on high quality paper making it visually appealing and thus giving a respectable platform to your advertisements.

Please Contact Us today to advertise in the LABePEDIA™ magazine. The buyers are waiting for you.

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